Sherard Harrington

English Teacher

Dr. Harrington comes to BUA from Phillips Exeter Academy, where he was one of three John and Elizabeth Phillips Dissertation Year Fellows in the 2020-21 academic year. He holds three degrees in English: a PhD from the University of New Hampshire, an MFA from the University of Central Florida, and a BA from the University of South Florida. He is most interested in literary theorists who study gender, sexuality, and nationality, as well as in works of graphic narrative, memoir, and contemporary essays. Dr. Harrington’s dissertation is titled “Othered Ambitions: The Conflation of Homosexuality and Villainy in 20th Century American Media.” In addition to his teaching, he has worked at the University of New Hampshire as a graduate licensing assistant and diversity consultant for the Advisory Board of Underrepresented Graduate Students. In his spare time, Dr. Harrington enjoys cooking and baking, knitting and weaving, reading the New York Times, listening to NPR, and going to museums—photography and sculpture are his favorite mediums. 

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