The arts encourage scholars to exercise freedom based on robust study, to think creatively, and to express themselves with clarity and feeling.


They are vital to a well-rounded life, as well as to the life of the mind. What’s more, working on the set of a play, or a watercolor, or a cantata involves different problem-solving skills, different tactile and aesthetic pleasures, and different interpersonal relationships from those in the classroom or lab. The visceral joy of creation and connection is part and parcel of the joy of inquiry.

Boston University Academy students pursue the arts in classes, ensembles, and clubs at BUA and, if so inclined, in coursework at BU. Students enroll in either a visual or performing arts course during grades nine and ten. Additionally, students may continue their study of visual and performing arts through extracurricular opportunities and student clubs at BUA, or through advanced coursework at BUA and BU.