In the 2020-2021 academic year, BUA has welcomed back students for in-person classes for four days per week, with classes on Wednesdays being held remotely. The school has implemented a combination of strategies to mitigate risk of transmission and respond to the health and safety needs of our community. Now, more than ever, being part of a major research university offers significant advantages — including twice-weekly COVID testing for all students, faculty, and staff, and contact tracing. While we cannot eliminate all risk, we are confident in the steps that we have put in place to mitigate risk and safely keep our school open. Read our complete COVID Protocols below.

BUA COVID Protocols

BUA by the Numbers

  • 221 students
  • 13 Average class size
  • 11:1 Student to teacher ratio
  • 56 cities and towns represented
  • 22 languages spoken at home

Be You @ BUA

Our motto is “Learning Without Limits.” In the literal sense, it means that BUA students build on their experience within the Academy building to pursue virtually any academic interest with world-class faculty at a major research university. Interested in Chaotic Dynamical Systems? We’ve got that. Warfare in Antiquity? Modern Japanese Literature? We’ve got those too.

But just as importantly, our students develop the skills and confidence to know that they are capable of extraordinary things. With hard work and perseverance, nothing is beyond their reach. Each and every student at BUA is known, cared for, taught well, and advised thoughtfully.  Our students are kind to one another. It makes it easier to be who you are, to follow your dreams and passions, and to decompress and have fun. Oh, yes — we’re a high school. There’s way more to BUA than academics. Read on to learn more about our unique alchemy of rigorous academics and a warm, caring community  we think you’ll be excited by what you see!

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