BUA Music Instructor Composes for US Air Force Band

Two commissioned compositions by BUA Music Instructor Dr. Brett Abigaña’s were released on the latest album by the United States Air Force Band of the Golden West, “American Tapestry.” The first piece, entitled Through the Kármán Line, is about crossing the line between Earth’s atmosphere and space, and is dedicated to Col. Guion Bluford, the first African American in space. The piece attempts to place the listener inside the astronaut’s helmet as they cross the line and look back to see Earth in all its glorious imperfection for the first time. The piece is also written so that it can be played backwards, so that one can experience leaving the International Space Station and crossing through the line again, returning to the reality that is life “down below.” The second composition, Locrian Riffs, is written about and dedicated to the women collectively referred to and represented by “Rosie the Riveter.” The piece uses a Locrian scale and bebop riffs to replicate the sounds of a factory at full production. 

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