Letter to the BUA Community from Incoming Head of School Chris Kolovos

To the BUA Community,

I am delighted to be joining the Boston University Academy family and honored to partner with all of you as we chart the future of this extraordinary school.

My visits to campus during the search confirmed what I have known for a long time: BUA is a special place — a function largely of the people who pass through its doors. I met students whose intellectual ability and curiosity is matched by their empathy and kindness; faculty members who stoke that curiosity while they take the time to get to know each young person as an individual; staff who work hard to create a warm, thriving, dynamic school culture; parents and alumni who embrace the mission and are invested in the future of BUA; and university leaders who are committed to a vision where BU and BUA continue to elevate one another.

BUA is wonderfully positioned to thrive in its second quarter century. Its values resonate far beyond Commonwealth Avenue: unapologetically high academic standards; celebration of intellectual curiosity; knowledge that a small caring community gives students what they need academically and emotionally; a love and respect for tradition; a drive to innovate in order to prepare students for a future we cannot anticipate; an understanding that a diverse, inclusive, equitable community makes us all better. Those priorities are near to my heart and are part of what makes the community so magnetic. BUA also, perhaps uniquely in the landscape of independent schools, benefits from a deep connection with a world-class research university. A small, caring high-school community with access to the college course offerings, thought leaders, facilities, and other resources BU has to offer — that gives BUA several competitive advantages in the independent-school landscape. More importantly, it provides our students with the best of both worlds.

Thank you to the search committee, its chair, Norm Blanchard, and to Provost Morrison not only for the professionalism and care they showed throughout the process but also for their confidence. I am also grateful to the faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni I have met for showing me the beauty of the community they love so much. My fiancée, Tracey, and I are both Boston natives and excited to be returning home, along with our dog Circe (she is from Mississippi, we think, but roots for Boston sports teams). We look forward to meeting you as we visit over the coming school year and when we formally join the BUA family in July 2020.


Chris Kolovos
Incoming Head of School

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