All-School Learning Experience

Boston University Academy’s All-School Learning Experience (ASLE) is an annual project that joins our whole school community together in examination of a pressing issue affecting our local, national, and global communities. The conversations we have as part of our ASLE open up a space for students to engage with each other on challenging topics and to explore issues that impact our society and country at large. The ASLE runs throughout the course of the year and involves the entire school community in a series of learning opportunities including all-school and small-group discussions, film screenings, guest lectures, and more.

All-School Learning Experience 2019-2020: Building an Inclusive Community

The theme of the All-School Learning Experience in 2019-2020 will be “Building an Inclusive Community.” As a school, we will focus on the practice of inclusion through lectures, discussions, and activities exploring the history and sociology of excluded groups and persons, while emphasizing the transformative value of inclusion. We will also consider the neuroscience and cognitive science behind bias. Individually and together, we will think through the ways in which inclusion enhances community, enriches learning environments, and increases the value of our society as a whole, both inside and outside of school.  We aim to learn and grow together during this year’s ASLE, in both our personal and educational lives.


Building Inclusive Communities | Mr. Rahsaan Hall Director, Racial Justice Program,
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-MA)
The power of inclusion | Aaron DeVries

These are suggested reading/viewing opportunities; they are not required.