Senior Thesis

A culminating experience for all BUA students, the Senior Thesis is an independent research project that provides students with the opportunity to follow an intellectual passion in depth with the guidance of a university professor.

The year-long project is designed to demonstrate a student’s ability to read closely, research thoroughly, think analytically, and write coherently in a scholarly fashion. Thesis topics include research in history and politics; literature and music; linguistics and science. Papers are expected to be between 4,000-6,000 words in length and written in accordance with generally accepted university standards. All students present their research to the BUA community prior to graduation.

List of Senior Thesis Topics, Class of 2017

  • Casting Light on Society: Cire-Perdue Bronzes of the Chola Period
  • The Oppression of Women in Sports
  • On the Historical Value of Science Fiction
  • Character in Horror Films: The Difference Between 20th and 21st Century Horror
  • Establishing cPLV Evaluation Methods for Identifying Hidden Hearing Loss
  • The Morphology of Calcium Phosphate is Affected by Gold Nanoparticle Templates
  • Accounting for Alternate Moves in Chess Programming
  • FFR Experiment
  • Internal and Interfacial Heat Transfer for Nanoscale Diamond Particles with Varying Coatings and Treatments
  • Programming Autonomous RC Cars with Exteroceptive and Proprioceptive Sensors
  • Copying Nature: The Neoclassical Background of Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones
  • How the Oakland Controversy Showcases Linguistic and Public Views on African American Vernacular English
  • Biomarker Gene Analysis: The Future of Cancer Detection
  • Exploring Self-Understanding in a Young Adult with Williams Syndrome: A Case Study
  • Squaring the Circle: Mode Locking in Faraday Waves Produced on a Substrate with a Periodic Pattern of Cylindrical Pillars
  • The Effects of Slit on Microtubule Dynamics in the Growth Cone
  • The Necessitation of Young Adult Literature from the Creation of Youth Culture: The Birth of the Literary Teen
  • Boston Busing: The City’s Attempt At Racially Integrating Schools Why the Home Aquarium Hobby is Decreasing in Popularity
  • Electrochemical Remediation of Groundwater: Advanced Oxidation through Heterogeneous Catalysis by Activated Carbon
  • How Differential T Cell Receptor Signaling Could Impact the Establishment of HIV Latency
  • Regression and Classification using Optimal Decision Trees X-Ray Crystallography of PMM1 Protein