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Welcome to Boston University Academy!

We are a distinctive high school for the intellectually curious. The combination of our small size, urban location, expert faculty, and partnership with Boston University make us unique amongst secondary schools in the Boston area and New England at large.

Boston University Academy brings together bright, curious, and engaged students with talented, dedicated teachers. Our community is driven by intellectual passion and pairing the life of the mind with the life of a teenager.

BUA’s academic program allows students boundless opportunities to pursue their interests, first at the Academy and then at Boston University. Over the past five years, our students have enrolled in 2,038 classes at BU, representing an impressive 348 unique courses across 48 different departments and interdisciplinary programs.

But academic rigor is not the only hallmark of a BUA education. From students and parents to faculty and staff, our community is remarkably kind. BU Academy is a place that prizes inclusivity and trying new things. Our students are respected by their peers and teachers. They have the support and encouragement to take risks, be themselves, and pursue their passions as far as they can take them.

As Head of School, I am committed first and foremost to having each and every one of our students be known, cared for, taught well, and advised thoughtfully. Our faculty is eager to celebrate each student’s successes and to help them overcome challenges as they arise. Our holistic approach to student support stands our students in good stead from their first day at BUA until they walk across the stage at graduation, and beyond.

Since joining Boston University Academy as Head of School in 2015, I have learned first-hand that BUA is an easy school to fall in love with. Our uncommon alchemy of students who are as nice as they are smart makes BUA an exceptional place. I feel fortunate every day to be part of such a warm and vibrant school community.

I look forward to welcoming you on campus and sharing our outstanding educational experience with your family.


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Dr. Ari M. Betof
Head of School