BUA Reopens for In-Person Teaching and Learning

On September 2, Boston University Academy officially kicked off the 2020-2021 academic year with a Virtual All-School Meeting for all students and faculty. In his opening remarks, Head of School Chris Kolovos reflected on the “chance that we all have collectively to be the national model that this country needs right now.” Mr. Kolovos challenged students and faculty to “be an upstander in this moment,” noting that “the hard part is actually not taking care of yourself, it’s taking care of one another. That’s what’s going to keep us all safe, and that’s the model this country needs right now.” 

Boston University Academy is one of the only schools in the nation where all students and faculty will receive routine weekly asymptomatic COVID screening tests. Before the start of the school year, all members of the school community were asked to commit to a set of shared norms and expectations that will allow BUA to maintain a safe and healthy campus environment for its students, faculty, and staff. 

In the opening All-School Meeting, Student Council President Phevos Paschalidis ‘21 reiterated this message of community and shared responsibility: “Though I have always believed in community, its true power was only revealed in its absence. The spring was a hard time for us all…I am grateful that we, unlike many of our peer schools, will reopen this semester. Our in-person and hybrid interactions will strengthen this community, and thus strengthen each of us in turn. We therefore owe it to the others who have given us so much to remain diligent in following the guidelines BUA and BU have put forth so that we can protect each other and remain open.”

In the 2020-2021 academic year, BUA will hold in-person classes four days a week, with all BUA classes held remotely on Wednesdays. All students have the option to learn from home full- or part-time, joining in-person classes synchronously. Learn more about BUA’s reentry planning and health and safety protocols on our online Guide to Reentry.

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