BUA Welcomes New Head of School

BUA officially welcomed Mr. Chris Kolovos as our new head of school on July 1. We are thrilled to officially welcome Mr. Kolovos to the BUA family, and are excited about the energy, vision, and leadership he brings to our school. Mr. Kolovos shared the following message with families on July 10. 

Dear BUA Families,

As I wrap up my first full week at BUA, I wanted to reach out to say hello. My wife, Tracey, and I are settling into our new home outside of Boston. We are both Boston-area natives and are excited to return home. We have also just welcomed our first child, Charlie, to our family; our dog, Circe, is very excited to be a big sister!

One of the great things about being appointed a full year before my start date has been the chance to get to know this community and hit the ground running. I am especially grateful for that time now, as we face a global health crisis with major implications for what school will look like in the fall, alongside arguably the most significant civil rights movement in our nation since the 1960s. While I have been working closely with Dr. White and her team all year long, that collaboration intensified this spring in light of COVID-19 and in preparation for the upcoming school year. I could not have asked for better partners or a smoother transition.

This time has also given me the opportunity to meet many of you and see this extraordinary school in action. During my on-campus visits in October and January, I attended All-School Meetings, observed classes, talked with students over lunch and in class meetings, and met with every member of the faculty and staff. It was a pleasure seeing many of you at our parent event during Fall Festival and at the Evening with the Head of School in January. This spring, technology opened even more doors for learning: Zoom calls with two dozen alumni to hear their stories; calls with an equal number of leaders across Boston University, who have been wonderfully helpful as we plan for the fall; remotely judging the finals of an excellent student-organized debate tournament; doing an Instagram Live session hosted by the Student Council; and more. At every turn, this community has been so welcoming. And every interaction has affirmed for me all the things that drew me to BUA a year ago: kind, curious and capable young people; teachers who challenge and care for them; and opportunities for their learning far beyond what nearly any high school in the world can offer. 

Relationships are at the core of BUA. We will be talking a great deal in the coming weeks and months about the big issues that are on all of our minds: what school will look like in the fall; and how BUA will continue our work to ensure that our community is just and equitable for all. We will also talk about the longer-term vision and promise of this exceptional school. But, as the newest member of this community, it feels right to begin by getting to know each of you, hear what is on your minds, and understand how I can best support you and your children. 


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