Annual Fund

Your gift to the Annual Fund has a direct and immediate impact on BUA students and faculty. The Annual Fund benefits the entire BUA community by supporting academics, faculty professional development, technology, financial aid, student support, college counseling, visual and performing arts, athletics, student activities, and more. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund helps BUA meet its most pressing priorities in support of our students.

The University’s commitment to BUA is that we keep every dollar we raise, which means that increased philanthropic support can significantly enhance the student experience. A continued and sustained demonstration of philanthropic support from the BUA community is important to the University. BUA effectively pairs philanthropic support from its community with direct support from Boston University through the annual budgeting process.

The Annual Fund is BUA’s most important fundraising campaign because it supports BUA’s annual budget. As is the case in most independent schools, tuition income alone does not cover the full cost of a BUA education, and unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund help to fill this gap. We hope you will consider making a gift every year!

The quality of Boston University Academy’s programs are supported and nurtured by gifts from current parents, parents of graduates, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends. BUA parents have a strong tradition of supporting the school, and support from alumni grows each year.

Your participation in the Annual Fund demonstrates your belief in Boston University Academy’s students, faculty, and mission. Thank you!