Student Support Resources

Student Support Team

Dr. White – Associate Head of 

    • The Associate Head of School oversees all aspects of the student experience – including life in and out of the classroom and academic student support. 
    • Find Dr. White if you have questions about scheduling, course registration, or any aspect of student support. 

Ms. Atkinson/Ms. Evans- Co-Directors of Student Support –; 

The Directors coordinate all aspects of student support, working closely with the school counselor, learning specialists and academic support staff in order to fully support BUA students.

Find Ms. Atkinson or Ms. Evans in Room 108 if you have questions about any aspect of student support. 

Ms. Evans – University 

  • The university liaison is a conduit of communication between BUA and the instructors at the University. The university liaison communicates feedback to the student, advisor, and parents/guardians. 
  • Find Ms. Evans when you have questions or concerns about your University classes.

    Ms. Weiskopf – School 

      • The School Counselor assists students throughout their high school experience and is available for students who may need additional support navigating challenges both in and out of the classroom. The counselor strives to be accessible to all students and families. 
      • Find Ms. Weiskopf in Room 184 if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or having difficulty coping with an issue, or if you want help addressing concerns about peer relationships or conflicts.

      Ms. Mansour – Learning 

        • The BUA Learning Specialist provides academic and learning support across all disciplines, and works to develop strategies for any students seeking academic coaching.  
        • Schedule a meeting with Ms. Mansour (Room 103) if you want one-on-one support to discuss academic, organizational, or study strategies. Ms. Mansour also works with students on their learning accommodations.

      Peer Tutoring

      The goal of peer tutoring is for students to receive practice and guidance in a subject area from a BUA student who has completed that particular course of study. Peer tutors meet weekly for an hour with their tutees to go over concepts, study for tests, share study tips, and otherwise help the tutee better understand class material. Meetings will be scheduled at the convenience of the tutoring pairs in-person during school hours, or on Zoom outside of school hours. Students should check with their teachers to determine whether peer tutoring would be a helpful support. Peer tutoring will begin in October.

      • If you are interested in being a Peer Tutor, apply here.  
      • If you are interested in requesting Peer Tutoring, apply here

      Questions? Please email the Student Support Team at

      Math and Science Help Center (MASH)

      The Math and Science Help Center is available to BUA students for extra math and science help for their work in BUA or BU math courses, as well as BUA physics or chemistry. 

      The Math and Science Help Center hours are below and available at this link:

      • Monday: 11:10-11:50 Lunch (Seth, Room 116); 12:10-1:10 Academic Block (Rowny, Room 116)

      • Tuesday: 10:50-11:30 Academic Block (Dent, Room 114); 11:40-12:25 Lunch (Dent, Room 114)

      • Wednesday: 11:10-11:50 Lunch (Rowny, Room 116); 2:35-3:25 Academic Block (Seth, Room 114)

      • Thursday: 11:30-12:10 Lunch (Dent, Room 114)

      • Friday: 11:10-11:50 Lunch (Rowny, Room 116)

      Students are encouraged to stop by Mr. Dent’s room (room 114) or Ms. Rowny’s room (Room 116) during these hours – no appointment necessary! Email Mr. Dent (, Mr. Seth (, or Ms.Rowny ( to set up a separate appointment outside of the designated drop-in times, if needed.

      Writing Center 

      The Writing Center is available to students who would like assistance with papers and other written assignments. Through the Writing Center, students may receive help with several components of the writing process, including syntax, mechanics, organization, and citation issues. The Writing Center is most helpful and productive when students bring something to work on (a draft or an outline) and specific questions about how to get the process started. It is also recommended that students bring the assignment instructions to the meeting.

      The writing center is staffed by three teachers this year: 

      Dr. Harrington

      • Typically available: Tues. lunch and before school; Wed. before school; or by appointment. (Upperclass students: Thurs. B-block and D-block are also available.)
      • Location: Room 205

      Dr. Larash 

      • Typically available: Mon. and Fri. before school; Tues. and Thurs. after school; or by appointment. Some weeks Dr. Larash will have additional times on Calendly as well.
      • Location: Room 209

      Mr. Vitali

      Students should sign up for an appointment through the tutor’s Writing Center Calendly site. Students may also email Mr. Vitali (, Dr. Larash (, or Dr. Harrington ( with questions or help making an appointment.

      Homework Club & BU Tutors

      BUA is offering open study halls (Homework Club) after school beginning on October 11, Monday-Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in SAO 251. This is a time to work quietly on assignments, or to meet with a BU tutor in particular subjects. Information about Homework Club hours and tutors is available hereQuestions? Please email the Student Support Team at

      Mental Health and Wellness

      Our school counselor is on campus daily for individual meetings with students and families. She also provides social-emotional programming and teaches our 9th- and 10th-grade Health & Wellness seminar. She is also a resource for students and families seeking information or referrals for off-campus (outside) mental health support. To schedule an appointment with Ms. Weiskopf, sign up here using her Calendly link.

      If you’d like to talk about how to bring more awareness about mental health to our school, if you have ideas for our community as a whole, or even if you’d just like to meet and connect for yourself, please stop by during Ms. Weiskopf’s office hours: Fridays, 2:40-4:00 p.m.

      University Course Support – Educational Resource Center (ERC)

      Students seeking help in a University course should attend their instructor’s office hours. Additionally, students can request a tutor through the Educational Resource Center website ( The ERC also offers other helpful programming to help students succeed in their BU classes, from writing and language learning assistance, to academic skill coaching and tutorials. Students can work with the university liaison on such a request. 

      General Inquiries

      Students and families who want to discuss resources and support further can email the Student Support Team at