Daily Schedule

As much as possible, BU and BUA will continue to follow the regular class schedule. All students are expected to participate in distance learning throughout the regular BUA school day (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Parents of students who are unable to participate in distance learning for a given period of time should notify the school (academy@bu.edu, or 617-353-9000) as they would for any school absence.

Teachers will post all assignments, lesson details, and Zoom meeting links on Blackboard. Teachers will be available in a Zoom class meeting for students during any normally scheduled teaching period, but students only need to attend for the scheduled synchronous meetings. Long blocks will be reduced to the regular 50-minute block.

Students may discover that without bells and peers nearby it can be difficult to keep to a schedule. We suggest that students print out a blank schedule grid and mark it carefully to indicate when “live” classes are, when assignments are due, when your teachers have “office hours,” etc.

It is important to remember that the online format asks a lot of students physically. Students should make sure that they stand up and move around regularly, drink water, eat a regular snack and lunch, and look around at the natural world and away from their screen when you are not in class time. If your parents have jobs that require a lot of computer time, you may discover that they have developed all kinds of strategies for getting through the online day. Use them as a resource! And share useful tips with your friends.