BUA Parent Education Series

The BUA Parent Education Series is open to all members of the community.

Screen time presents opportunities and challenges for students and parents alike. Up until now, resources and a generally agreed-upon set of best practices have been available to parents in setting limits around their adolescent’s screen time. During the pandemic, however, when technology has become critical for children’s academic and social experiences, that guidance has been turned on its head. So what do best practices look like now? Dr. Walsh will address these questions with a particular focus on thinking about quantity vs. quality of technology use, and address challenges like multitasking and managing digital socializing.

Dr. Jill Walsh will provide a research-based approach. She is a working mother of two technology-obsessed kids and a leading researcher in the field, and will offer insights into which rules to follow closely, and which to worry about less, as we navigate this new era.


The murder of George Floyd served as a watershed moment, highlighting longstanding racial injustice in the United States. This increased awareness manifested in independent schools last spring, when students, faculty, and alumni shared sobering personal experiences of racial and other forms of discrimination in independent schools. As schools aim to create more inclusive environments, what conversations should parents and guardians have with students to advance inclusion in meaningful and enduring ways? During this session, Dr. Derrick Gay will share insights gleaned from over 25 years advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in independent schools and across a number of industries.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit families hard. Many families are dealing with disruption to routine, threats to employment, and the loss of social supports; parents are worried that their children will emerge traumatized from this long disruption. In this talk, Dr. Evans and Dr. Thompson will address the issues and fears affecting families and will offer psychologically sound suggestions for steadying their children and themselves in this difficult time.