Junior Research Seminar

The Junior Research Seminar exposes juniors to research at Boston University, and provides students the opportunity to begin research on thesis work prior to their senior year. This elective courses for eleventh-grade students meets two hours per week.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM):

Students with interest and aptitude in science may enroll in STEM. From September through March, one hour is dedicated to touring laboratories at Boston University, and the other hour is spent in discussion of current science periodicals. From April onwards, the weekly tours are replaced with rotations through laboratories which often develop into summer internships and Senior Thesis topics. Boston University Academy students have conducted scientific research under the direction of professors in many interdisciplinary areas, including:

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

  • Professor Stephan Anderson, Radiology
  • Professor Allyson Sgro, Systems Biology
  • Professor Joyce Wong, Biomaterials

Mechanical Engineering

  • Professor Calin Belta, Hybrid and Network Systems
  • Professor Glynn Holt, Acoustics
  • Professor Brian Walsh, Space and Plasma Dynamics


  • Professor Mark Grinstaff, Biological and Macromolecular Chemistry
  • Professor Linda Doerrer, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry


  • Professor Rama Bansil, Polymer Physics
  • Professor Shyamsunder Erramilli, Biophysics

Life Sciences


  • Professor Jelle Atema, Marine Biology
  • Professor Pamela Templer, Ecosystem Ecology


  • Professor Amy Brodeur, Forensic Biology
  • Professor Andrew Henderson, Microbiology
  • Professor Robert Lafyatis, Scleroderma


  • Professor Howard Eichenbaum, Cognitive Neurobiology

History, Arts, and Letters (HAL)

Students with interest and aptitude in the humanities may enroll in HAL. In this Junior Research Seminar, students will further develop skills needed to conduct a high-level research project. University professors will share their approach to research, and students will utilize the various libraries at the University. Students will develop a research plan and a bibliography for their Senior Thesis.