Endowment Gifts

What’s your passion?

Whatever cause, project, or cohort you are looking to support, Boston University Academy has a giving opportunity to match. Better still, by endowing your gift, you can make an investment that lasts forever.


Endowed gifts are invested directly, with the generated income used to fund what donors specify. This means that the principal gift is never touched, but continues to generate income in perpetuity.

For this reason, many donors elect to name endowments: to honor a family member, life-changing teacher, or other mentor; preserve the name of their family foundation; or create a personal legacy.

An individual’s lifespan is limited, but a school endures for countless generations and hundreds of years, and the endowment helps ensure that adequate provision is made for the students, faculty, and facilities of the future.

In a nutshell, an endowed gift:

  • Gives BUA flexibility and freedom to embark in new directions and to offer prestige and recognition to benefactors and beneficiaries
  • Ensures regular funding levels for BUA departments, programs, and operations
  • Helps stem rises in tuition by providing needed financial aid
  • Provides donors with an opportunity to create a legacy or honor a loved one and support the people and programs at BUA in perpetuity

Your philanthropy accelerates our progress and extends our capacity to support the efforts of our students and faculty. The University’s commitment to BUA is that we keep every dollar we raise, which means that increased philanthropic support can significantly enhance the student experience.

Here are some examples:

Boston University Academy Great Teachers Fund for Academic Enhancement

The Boston University Academy Great Teachers Fund for Academic Enhancement was established as a permanent endowment with a $100,000 gift from Ruth A. Moorman (CAS ’88, SED ’90, SED ’09, P BUA ’15) and Sheldon N. Simon (P BUA ’15), parents of Sarah Simon ’15, in honor of Phil Gambone, and in celebration and commemoration of BUA’s 25th anniversary year. The Fund will support BUA initiatives while honoring the school’s retiring master teachers.  Gifts to the Fund will benefit BUA students, teachers, and the school as a whole by helping to incorporate unique learning opportunities that lift the quality of teaching inside and outside the classroom.

Moorman-Simon Challenge: The Moorman-Simon Family is offering their $100,000 gift as a challenge to the BUA community, with the goal of raising at least an additional $100,000 from current parents, parents of graduates, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. Please consider making a gift today!

Boston University Academy Strategic Initiatives Fund

The Boston University Academy Strategic Initiatives Fund was established as a permanent endowment with a $350,000 gift from Kara V. and E. James Gruver P BUA ’11, P BUA ’14 in 2016. The Fund will provide support for strategic initiatives at the discretion of the Head of School of Boston University Academy to provide BUA students and teachers with high quality teaching and learning within a vibrant and diverse educational community.

Haley Murphy Morrill Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Haley Murphy Morrill Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 by Eileen E. Murphy and Bruce F. Morrill as a tribute to their beloved daughter, Haley Murphy Morrill (BUA Class of 2010). Tragically, Haley died before she graduated, and her family and friends, along with the wider school community, helped to establish this Fund to provide a deserving tenth grade girl with scholarship assistance in tribute to Haley.


If you have questions about these endowment funds or are interested in making an endowment gift to Boston University Academy, please contact Margo Cox, Associate Director of Institutional Advancement, at 617-358-7135 or margocox@bu.edu.