All-School Meeting

All-School Meeting (ASM) takes place every Thursday morning during the academic year and is an essential part of the BUA program. All-School Meetings are an opportunity for our community to come together to learn, share news and announcements, and discuss important — and sometimes challenging — issues facing our school and society at large.  ASM also captures the essence of our relationship with BU. These weekly talks are often given by BU professors, visiting scholars, or BUA faculty, on their areas of expertise. The talks introduce students to new fields of study, the cutting-edge ideas invigorating those fields, and the passionate people behind them. All-School meetings are open to all members of our community, including current and past parents and alumni.

The following is a partial list of All-School Meetings from the 2017-2018 academic year:

Senator William N. Brownsberger, Massachusetts State Senator
State Criminal Justice Reform

Evan Malkiewich, licensed clinical social worker
Substance Use and Addiction

Tim Manning P’16
Find the Signal, Avoid the Noise, Reach Your Goals

All-School Discussion of Documentary Film “13th”

Kerstin Perez, Professor of Physics, MIT
Dark Matters: Invisible Universe

Prof. Susan Mizruchi, Professor, BU English Department & Director, BU Center for the Humanities
Discovering Brando

Katherine J. Kennedy, Director, BU Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground
Busing in Boston

Brett Abigaña, BUA Music Instructor
In Trinidad with St. Margaret’s Steel Youth Orchestra