BUA Parents Network

The Boston University Academy Parents Network (BUAPN) is a group comprised of all parents of current BUA students. There are no joining fees or annual dues associated with the BUAPN. The mission of the BUAPN is to facilitate connections between BUA families and enhance and enrich the BUA parent experience through monthly meetings, online forums, social events, and educational programs.

The BUAPN provides volunteer support to school events and student activities including admission open houses, Fall Festival, and Lock-In. There are many opportunities for families to be active members of the Boston University Academy community: attend monthly BUAPN meetings, host a class potluck, or volunteer your time throughout the year.

BUAPN Leadership Team



Karen Gratiano (Steph ’20)
Lynne Chuang (Olivia ’21, Henry ’22) 
Communications Manager Ann McCarthy (John ’22)
Volunteer/Community Coordinator Barbi Woolf (Ashleigh ’19, Claudia ’22)
12th Grade Class Rep Dee Burgett (Annie ’19)
11th Grade Class Reps Sue Reason (Will ’20)
Hongmei Wang (Alex ’20, Eric ’22)
10th Grade Class Reps Alicia Gedney (Will ’21)
Gina Mourtzinou (Aris ’17, Phevos ’21)
9th Grade Class Reps Melissa Holt (Nicholas ’22)
Esmeralda Swartz (Cassie ’22)


PIN Reps Myriam Cyr (Laetitia 18, Gabe 20, Jemma ’21)
Rebecca Lamkin (Henry 20)
WeChat Group Liasion Halle Zhang (Shidong ’19, Shizhong ’22)


The BUAPN holds periodic meetings in which a faculty or staff member are invited to speak on a topic of interest to parents. These meetings are an opportunity to learn more about BUA and to make connections with other parents. Those who cannot attend in person may participate via live stream.

December Welcome Wagon Webinar
Sunday, December 2, 7:30 p.m.  (https://bostonu.zoom.us/my/buapn)

The topics for this month’s webinar will include: BUA midterms, the school’s snow closing policy, a head of school search update, volunteers needed for midterms, the next BUAPN coffee social, and anything else you want to discuss. New parents/guardians are invited to join the online conversation with questions; returning parents/guardians are also encouraged to participate and share their experiences.

Parents’ Independent School Network

The Parents’ Independent School Network, Inc. (PIN) is a volunteer group of parents with children who are students at New England area independent elementary and secondary schools. PIN was formed to help parents share ideas and promote worthy programs at these independent schools.

One or two parent representatives from each member school attend six meetings each year. PIN reps serve as the conduit between the diverse school communities. At PIN meetings, reps gather to share information about topics relating to non-academic issues, listening to speakers and panels and participating in discussion groups.

PIN is run by a governing body of volunteer directors, PIN Inc., and is divided into two divisions, with Boston University Academy belonging to the Upper School division representing grades 9-12. Groups typically meet every other month by division and come together once a year for the Annual Meeting, where an informative and much anticipated “Heads of School” panel discussion takes place. Each year at the Annual Meeting, a set of local Heads of School are invited to make presentations and to answer questions on a topic of current interest.