Club Social Media Request

The purpose of social media accounts for BUA clubs and sports is to share information about events and club activities within the BUA community. Club and sports social media accounts may only be created with the approval of the Director of Student Life and after completing the below form. Any accounts that are created outside of this process will be reported and deactivated. 

Any student with approved access to club and athletics social media accounts are expected to act in accordance with the student handbook. All posts, comments, and direct messages should be BUA-related. Posts must not express any of the following: political opinions, violence, profanity, promotional material, and/or personal content. Under no circumstances should the password to the account be shared with anyone outside of club leadership without the advisor’s explicit permission. The Director of Student Life should be notified of any password or username changes, if another student is given access to the account, or if the account is to be deactivated. Alliance Group Instagram accounts are required to have all posts approved by the faculty advisor. 

Applications will only be approved for BUA clubs and sports. All other BUA accounts – including grade-specific accounts and “appreciation” accounts – are not permitted. Any accounts created without express permission from the Director of Student Life will be reported and deactivated. You are not permitted to use any variation of the official BUA logo as the profile picture for club accounts. All club accounts must be private. Please be sure to ask students and adults for permission before posting their picture online. 

Consequences of violating these rules and the rules set forth by the student handbook are dependent upon the severity of the offense. Possible consequences include loss of privileges to use the account or deactivation of the account. Serious offenses will be brought in front of the disciplinary committee.

Club Social Media Account Application

You may not activate the account without permission from Ms. Perrone.

  • Please select a strong password and not one that you use for any of your personal accounts.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.