Permission Slip Request

If you would like to take a group of students off campus for a field trip or host a student event that occurs outside of school hours (weeknights after 5:30 pm and weekends), here is a checklist of what to do!

  1. Schedule your outing/event. To reserve a space on campus or to approve an event for the academic calendar, please contact Elisha Meyer.
  2. Secure additional chaperones (following the guidelines below). Contact Lizzy Karnaukh if you need help!
  3. Request a permission slip from Lizzy Karnaukh (see the form below).
  4. Make additional arrangements regarding logistics.
    • For vans, please contact Dave Stone.
    • For MBTA passes, please check in with Lizzy Karnaukh or Emily Kamen for the group T pass.
    • To hire or onboard new coaches or parent volunteers, please contact Holly Walker.
    • For club purchasing, please contact Tori Perrone.

    Chaperoning Policies:

    • For overnight trips, there must be at least 2 adult chaperones and at least a 1:10 ratio of adult chaperones to students.
    • For evening, non-overnight trips (after 5:30 pm), there must be at least 2 adult chaperones and at least a 1:16 ratio of adult chaperones to students.
    • For day trips (between 7:30 am to 5:30 pm), only 1 adult is required to chaperone if the trip (a) under 16 students AND (b) is in the Boston area; for example, Emily can take her junior seminar students to the MfA on a Tuesday afternoon without an additional chaperone or Tara can take Photography Club students to take pictures at the Common. We still recommend having 2 adult chaperones when possible!
    • If a trip involves 16 or more students or is outside the Boston area, there should be at least 2 adult chaperones. This allows us to plan field trips that align with our Strategic Vision while considering safety!
    • Any adult who chaperones a trip must complete a background check (CORI/SORI screening). We strongly recommend that you work with Holly Walker as soon as September if you know that you’ll need additional chaperones for trips.

    For academic/coursework-related events/field trips, please have the teacher of that class fill out the form below. For club-related events/field trips, please have the faculty advisor or student leader of that club fill out the form below.