How to Join StuCo

Student Council consists of 12 elected members (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and general members. Elected members can apply following the procedures outlined below. General members earn their status by attending meetings and participating in student council projects but do not require the same level of commitment as an elected member. Freshmen can earn general member status and then run for a sophomore elected position in April of their freshmen year. Read below or reach out to with any questions.

General Members 

Members of the student body who are interested in participating in student council, are eligible to become general representatives. General representatives earn the title by attending at least half a subcommittee’s meetings in a semester and assisting in setup and cleanup of at least one event each semester. The Vice President will track participation and grant the general membership title at the end of the fall semester if they started in September, or March of the spring semester if they started in January. You maintain that status so long as you keep up the expectations of a general member.

General Elections

Applications for elected positions open in early April. Interested candidates must be a student council general member and attend the required candidate meeting to apply. Candidates will deliver a two-minute speech to the school at an all-school meeting and the student body will vote on the four candidates they would like to represent them. Candidates who are not elected are welcome to join as general members. You can read about the detailed election proceedings in our bylaws, updated annually.