Athletics FAQ

Where are the Locker Rooms?

Locker Rooms are available on the 2nd floor in the back of the building (above the SAO Office)


When are the Locker Rooms open?

Locker rooms are available to BU Academy students 30 minutes prior to any athletic activity. (PE/ Athletic Teams) On typical team practice days this means 3:15pm. PE days, we open the locker rooms at 2:00pm.


Can I use a lock to secure my personal items?

No, locks are currently not permitted for use in BU Academy locker rooms.


Can I leave my items in the locker room when I practice or go to PE?

As the locker room is ‘open’ and we do not use locks, please do not leave personal items in the locker room.


What if the locker room is locked when it is supposed to be open?

Come to the athletic office to borrow the locker room key. The key is on a lanyard, hanging on the closet door.