Most Valuable Club Award

The Most Valuable Club (MVC) award is presented to the club who went above and beyond their normal operations and most met the mission of BUA clubs for a particular academic year. A ‘club’ is defined as a group of 5+ students who meet regularly (weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and are officially registered with the school. In order to be eligible for this award your club must meet the following parameters:

(1) The club must have met the mission outlined in their application at the start of the academic year.

(2) The club must show evidence of completing their community impact goal and of how they went above and beyond the normal operations of their club.

The winner of the MVC award will earn a pizza party for their club and a $100 budget bonus for the following year should the club continue. Clubs can apply using the form below by Friday, April 26th. The winner will be selected by the faculty and staff.