BUA Student Council

Mission Statement

The Boston University Academy Student Council is an elected group of twelve students whose primary responsibility is to represent the interests of the student body and their class by planning school events, influencing school policy, and improving student life. The Student Council also serves as a link between the students and the administration.

All members of the student body are welcome to join our subcommittee meetings and work to become general members (details on how are here). Weekly representative meetings are held to set the agenda for subcommittees each week and coordinate internal affairs. Those meetings are for elected members only.  Rep meeting minutes can be viewed here. All subcommittee meetings take place in room 115 (chemistry lab).

View the details bylaws here.

Resources Subcommittee Monday Lunch
PR Subcommittee Tuesday Lunch
Events Subcommittee Friday Activity Block
Policy Subcommittee Friday before school

Suggestion Box

Have something to say? Something you want to see improved? Have an idea for an event or activity? Student council wants to hear your feedback! We also welcome you to come to student council general or committee meetings to share your thoughts or ideas. View the times and locations above. Note: Name and email are optional response fields.