Senior Thesis

A culminating experience for all BUA students, the Senior Thesis is an independent research project that provides students with the opportunity to follow an intellectual passion in depth with the guidance of a university professor.

The year-long project is designed to demonstrate students’ ability to read closely, research thoroughly, think analytically, and write coherently in a scholarly fashion. Papers are expected to be between 4,000-6,000 words in length and written in accordance with generally accepted University standards. All students present their research to the BUA community prior to graduation.

Thesis topics run the gamut of academic fields and disciplines, and reflect the many and varied interests and passions of BUA students.

Senior Thesis Topics, Class of 2021

Nadia Chitkushev                                                                                    
Irritable Bowel Syndrome as a comorbidity of Gastroenteritis
Nathan Medros
Rasterizing Fourth-Dimensional Objects via Projection
Cole FitzGibbons                                                                                      
Placelessness in Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise
Saoirse Killion
Willow Woman: Creating an Illustrated Poetic Sequence
Kealan Biebesheimer                                                                            
The Fountain of Truth: Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand
Madison Young
Practical Reality: Milton Friedman’s School
Voucher Proposals and International Case Studies
James West                                                                                             
Trying To Make a Short Film: An Explanation of Mumblecore
Will Gedney
A Neurological and Psychological Analysis of Addiction
Giovi Hersch
High Parameter Immune Profiles Evaluated by Time of Flight Mass
Cytometry Demonstrate a Pro-inflammatory Profile in a
Pilot Study of Individuals With ALS Compared To Healthy Controls
Rohan Prabhu
Identifying Correlations Between Single-Cell
Immune Signatures and Trauma Recovery
Aditi Deokar                                                                       
Stratification of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Using Gene
Expression Data Reveals Expression of Distinct Immune Pathways
Friedrich Liu
Phenotyping Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Profiles of Alzheimer’s
Disease Using Cluster Analysis on EEG Power
Sudarshan Ramanan
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Biomarkers and Neurobiology:
A Case for Virtual Reality
Quinn Treacy
Acceptable Irishmen in the Bostonian Democratic Party of the Gilded Age
Duarte Albuquerque
Analyzing the Growth of the Human Ear Against Variance in Sex, Age, and
Weight to Create a Better System for
Patient Identification in Developing Countries
Tati Kong
Property Value and (U.S.) Public School Districts
Kasia Perks                                                                                                        
Using Light Reflection to Detect Vegetation on Exoplanets
Nico Moldovean
Investigating the Identification and Documentation of Oceanic
Macro-plasticPollution Using Low Earth Orbit CubeSats
Ava Landen                                                                                                        
Validation of a Robotic Bronchoscope
Irene Mitsiades
Finding potential HOXB13 regulators in ER+/HER2- breast cancer
John Lee
Factors that Affect Mask Wearing Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jiahe Niu
Mapping Brain Activity During Reasoning Behavior Using
Individualized Network Atlases

Kieran Barrett                                                                                                       
Xibipío: A Sociolinguistic Examination of Pirahã
Justin Aronson                                                                                                       
Accessible Machine Learning Through Data Democratization
Nishita Nayudu
The Economic Sociology of Telehealth
Ben Isakoff                                                                                                   
Costs and Benefits of Nepotism Among Directors of
19th Century English Railways                                                                                    
Jenny Wang
Linguistics and Empathy in American Science Fiction
Manar Chkounda                                                                                                  
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Latency and Possible Cure Strategies
Maya Magavi
Identifying Baseline Gas Composition and Trends
in Massachusetts Interstate Pipelines
Arman Karim                                                                                                         
The Effects of Variable Temperatures on Manual Muscle Capabilities
Riya Mishra
Analyzing Blobs in Blazars’ Jets
Phevos Paschalidis                                                                                           
Optimizing a Microgrid
Jonas Rajagopal
Automatic Inference of Players’ On-Court Locations from Basketball Videos

Markus Elbert                                                                                      
Metabolic Models of Enterobacter Strains and Their Potential to Degrade Lignin
Luke Kong
Exploring Suboptimal Play in Chess Engines
Olivia Chuang                                                                                                               
History and National Identity in Taiwan
Natalie Huang
Covid and the US-China Trade War
Michelle Lisak                                                                                                            
User Experience and User Interface in Website Design
Jonathan Mu
I Am the Apple of My Eye: An Animation with Oil Paint
Dmitri Demler                                                                                                           
Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Save Lives
Eunice Yun
Brillouin spectroscopy as a new tool to improve
In-Vitro Fertilization success rates
Benista Owusu-Amo                                                                                             
The Characterization and Reactivity of Molybdenum (VI)
Perflouropinacolate Complexes for Oxygen Atom Transfer
Nangwa Nyambose
Tracing Spectra
Vika Maslova                                                                                                          
Longitudinal Cognitive Online Testing
Tim Pinkhassik
Practical, Low-Cost Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrument
Building a Ham Radio to Talk to Atoms
Peter Glavas                                                                                                           
Optimizing the Maneuverability of a Rigid Vessel
Using Biomimetic Tuna Fish Fins
Michael Lang
Synthetic Aperture Radar: From Signals to Code
Chandler Cheung                                                                                                      
The Effect of Task on Sentence Processing in the Language
and Multiple Demand Brain Networks
Skyler Cheung
Investigating Maneuverability of Underwater Vehicles