College Financial Aid and Scholarships

The cost of attendance at colleges and universities rises each year. Paying for college can be a daunting task, even for those families who have the ability to pay. It is critical that students and parents have candid conversations about financing a college education. Having this conversation sooner rather than later can alleviate stress and unintended false expectations.  There are several ways to off-set the cost of a college education:

Need-based financial aid

Financial assistance awarded on the basis of demonstrated need. Pulling from financial information gleaned from required forms, colleges assess the amount of money they believe a family can contribute toward a student’s college education. Need-based financial aid is meant to help bridge the gap between that amount and the full cost of attendance. Some colleges meet the full-need of students, while others include small gaps that may be filled through private loans.

Merit-based scholarships

Financial assistance awarded based on excellence in academics, leadership, volunteerism, athletic ability, and other areas determined by the college or an outside scholarship-granting organization.

Early graduation/Transfer of BU credit

The typical BUA student takes between six and ten Boston University courses by the time he or she graduates (some take as many as fifteen!). When Academy students enroll at Boston University, they typically enter with sophomore standing and are in a position to graduate in three years, thus saving a year of college tuition/costs. Many (not all) other colleges allow students to transfer in BU credit, allowing students flexibility in building their undergraduate programs, and oftentimes allowing them to accelerate their studies.

Scholarship Opportunities

This is a list of scholarship search engines and scholarship information compiled by the College Office. Because of the range and diversity of contests and awards, the College Office only offers this list as a resource and by no means endorses, encourages or supports the companies and foundations giving awards.