Photography for Boston University Academy web site and publications.

Mission Statement

The mission of Boston University Academy is to educate talented students who are passionate about learning and who share the joy of inquiry.

Mission Implementation

Within a small and caring community, students engage with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum and continue to explore and expand their intellectual interests at Boston University.

Core Values

We foster a community that educates young people through intense and joyful inquiry. Inspired by the classical tradition, we value honesty, integrity, and kindness as we strive to learn what it means to live life well.

Distinctive Features

  • A scholarly outlook in academic pursuits
  • A culture of inquiry and rigorous examination
  • A community of thoughtful readers, writers, and learners
  • A math and science curriculum that is both rigorous and required
  • A vast curriculum due to our University connection, which provides access to BU’s 2,000+ electives and 27 foreign languages
  • A highly trained and passionate faculty capable of asking for and teaching to high academic and personal standards
  • An intellectually motivated student body capable of responding to the faculty’s encouragement and high expectations
  • A happy school community with a low rate of discipline issues, faculty turnover, and student attrition
  • A small size, translating to opportunity, accountability and closer relationships between faculty and students, and among all students
  • A community where students feel safe and encouraged to be themselves
  • A community where cooperation far exceeds competition among students
  • An outstanding college placement record
  • An active connection to Boston University, a leading private research institution

Our goal is for each BUA student
to embrace:

  • A spirit of inquiry and constructive critical thinking
  • The integrity of the classroom
  • A tie with Boston University – its world class resources, opportunities, professors, and students
  • A rigorous work ethic required for any significant achievement
  • A foundation in the Western academic tradition
  • A community life based upon kindness, fairness, respect, and tolerance
  • A sense of gratitude and responsibility that should accompany a privileged education

By graduation, we expect each
BUA student to:

  • Think critically and apply knowledge
  • Research proficiently and read texts efficiently and effectively
  • Communicate successfully by listening, speaking, and writing concisely, persuasively, and analytically
  • Achieve both mathematics and science competency
  • Take pride in work
  • Master a foundation in the Western academic tradition
  • Navigate confidently a university campus
  • Live a responsible, respectful, and tolerant life