Mission and Core Values

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In our caring high-school community, students who love learning are challenged to think critically and read deeply, and to explore adventurously the wider world of learning at Boston University.

Core Values

The reasoned pursuit of knowledge is one of life’s joys, and we celebrate the curiosity and enthusiasm that drive it and the courage it demands. Making mistakes and seeking help are essential elements of the pursuit.

We prepare our students to become responsible, broadly literate scholars and citizens: precise in their use of words, alert to rhetoric in arguments, and conversant with influential ideas and works from other times and places.

We cultivate a community of kindness, honesty, and mutual respect that nurtures both academic and personal growth.

A vibrant community comprises learners of diverse backgrounds and interests. We strive for equitable access to resources and opportunities within that community.

We trust each other to make thoughtful choices with the extraordinary opportunities and freedom our program allows.