Reflection on the Election from Head of School Chris Kolovos

Reflecting on this week’s uncertainty following the election, Head of School Chris Kolovos shared the following message with BUA students, parents, faculty, and staff on the morning of November 4:

“I imagine that many of you stayed up late to watch election results come in; I was right there with you, and the morning came too early. We all find ourselves now in the unusual, but not unprecedented, position of a November 4 without clarity about who won the presidential election. We are all sitting in uncertainty, and I know that can be uncomfortable. Research shows what we know intuitively: sitting in uncertainty can lead to stress and anxiety, hampering focus and attention. If you find yourself a little distracted or tense today, you are not alone.

At times like this, I take comfort in routine. At our house, like at yours, the sun came up. The cats let us know they were hungry, as did baby Charlie. The dog let us know that she wanted to go for a walk — no matter the temperature. At school, our classrooms today will be full and engaging. We will connect during advisories to be together. And I’m sure that there will be as many conversations about ideas, friendships, and GSU lunch choices as there will be about the election.

The uncertainty will pass. I have faith in our institutions across this country; we will count votes fairly, reach an outcome, and move forward together. As a nation, we have been through much harder moments than this. It will take some time and there will be arguments. But we will have clarity.

In the meantime, keep doing those things that make this community so special: listen to one another with curiosity, engage in productive dialogue, and, most importantly, be kind to one another. I know you will.”

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